Committee Vice Chair

Kara E. Richardson

Committee Vice Chair

Linda Backlund

The AWBD Membership Committee monitors all aspects of membership, including recruitment, retention, engagement, and education. The committee brings in new members, teaches them about AWBD and then ensures that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations.

Committee Chairs have been named for the 2022-2023 year and are already hard at work. If you have ideas that you want to bring to the attention of a particular committee, contact the chairperson named above via our online form. They look forward to hearing from you to make the year another outstanding one for AWBD and its membership.

Membership Subcommittees

Outreach & Engagement


DeBra Edwards

Vice Chair

Sabrina Alaquinez-Wallin

The Outreach & Engagement Subcommittee connects new and existing members to the AWBD community and ongoing and future work of the Association This subcommittee develops a strategy to reach out to potential members of the Association, and engage new and existing members of the At-Large AWBD community. It works with the Executive Director, Board, and other Association committees to develop and implement engagement activities that connect members, both informally and through Association-wide events and programs.

Water Smart


Margaret Cox

Vice Chair

Bear Oakley



The Water Smart SubCommittee assists AWBD members in implementing practices that reduce water use and educate customers in water conservation. The  Committee focuses on community involvement, communicating with their consumers, and offering diverse resources, such as permission to use the Water Smart logo.  Water Smart is a public awareness campaign for water conservation sponsored by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Water Development Board. Its message is simple: every citizen, no matter what age or where they live, has a personal responsibility to use water wisely.



Mike Rozell

Vice Chair

Keli Schroeder, P.E.

The Recognition SubCommittee develops, sustains, and adds effective members to AWBD by motivate a strong “team” relationship by showing that AWBD appreciates its members’ hard work and dedication.   Every “EFFORT” matters.  Recognition is a significant part of AWBD’s plan to improve future endeavors and projects and to motivate members to stay connected to AWBD and play more pivotal roles in their communities’ successes.

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