Our Mission for AWBD Emerging Leaders Initiative focuses and develops our current and next-generation leaders of Water Board Directors and Consultants. The Emerging Class Committee will select 18-20 AWBD district director members and industry members that will comprise the annual cohort.

The Emerging Leaders program prepares participants to be knowledgeable, proactive leaders in their community. Participants can expect several diverse educational sessions where members receive robust hands-on training and mentorship that fosters strategic-industry advocacy.

This leadership program will be an exceptional investment into the participant’s professional and personal growth. Participants who will benefit the most from the Emerging Leaders Program are those who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • A sincere commitment, motivation, and interest to participate in and better serve their communities.
  • Have demonstrated leadership in past activities or intend to seek future leadership roles within the MUD industry.
  • Individuals who understand leadership is a mindset, not just a title or position, and strive to reach their maximum potential; and
  • People who enjoy learning about others and expanding their knowledge of the MUD industry as well as state and local government.


Applicants should show how they demonstrate these characteristics in their application answers.  

Meet AWBD's Emerging Leaders

Program Benefits:

  • Program leaders will help foster professional relationships as well as personal and professional growth within AWBD.
  • Branded recognition on the AWBD website, in the AWBD Journal, on Program printed materials, and at events, including graduation at Annual Conference
  • Participants will receive opportunities for professional and leadership development, community service, advocacy, social and professional networking.


  • Should have five to fifteen years of experience on a water district board or in a related industry.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have been active in AWBD and are involved in AWBD events and programs
  • Program tuition will be $350.00. We will also provide four sponsorship opportunities at $2,500.00, which will include tuition from a qualified applicant of the sponsors’ organization.
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