What is a Water District?

A water district is a local government entity—a special district–that provides water and sewer service and even roads, and other, limited services that cities provide.

Laws & Regulations

Water districts efficiently, effectively, and continuously provide essential services, including water, wastewater, and drainage, to millions of Texans. To ensure that water districts can continue to provide essential services to protect residents and taxpayers, AWBD supports current bills related to the water industry

AWBD Journal and Pipeline

The AWBD JOURNAL is a quarterly magazine that informs members about future events, event recaps, as well as legislation and member updates. It consists of articles related to AWBD and about Texas’s water industry. The Journal is a great resource for our professional consultant members because it gives them an opportunity to get their brand and services in front of all AWBD members.

AWBD’s PIPELINE is our biweekly newsletter informing our members of important dates and other relevant news, and articles related to water districts.


AWBD values itself on extending a helping hand to all our members. These resources will help you further your endeavors within the water industry through AWBDs 3 values: education, unification, and advocacy. You will find guidance on how to make an impact in your community here.