Government Affairs

Committee Chair

Jerry Homan

This committee is responsible for relationships with elected and public officials and offers advice and coordination on policy, legislation, and regulation that affects water districts

Committee Chairs have been named for the 2021-2022 year and are already hard at work. If you have ideas that you want to bring to the attention of a particular committee, contact the chairperson named above via our online form. They look forward to hearing from you to make the year another outstanding one for AWBD and its membership.

Government Affairs Subcommittees

Legislative Planning

Subcommittee Chair

Trey Lary

The Legislative Planning Committee manages the Board’s legislative functions. Pursuant to direction from the Board and the annually updated legislative principles approved by the Board, the Committee reviews and monitors all legislative bills filed each legislative session that could affect the way districts conduct business. In this regard, the Committee tracks all bills that are filed during the session and reviews them for potential impact on districts. If necessary, the Committee will provide educational support to the legislature and testify before committees on pertinent bills. After each session, the Committee will typically review the session and the various new laws at the AWBD annual conference. In addition, the Committee conducts the regular lunch on the lawn at the Capitol.

Local Government

Subcommittee Chair

Larry Goldberg

The Local Government Subcommittee receives, evaluates, and transmits information on local government activities and issues to the board of trustees and interested members.  The Subcommittee also promotes communication between the membership and local agencies, and foster relationships with local leadership, their staff, and administrators.

Regulatory Affairs

Subcommittee Chair

Ken Heroy, P.E.

This subcommittee was formed to keep AWBD informed of the vast information from the Texas Commission on Environment Quality. The subcommittee does not meet on a regular schedule; however, forwards information to AWBD whenever necessary.


Subcommittee Chair

Kristen Hogan

This subcommittee assists Board of Trustees and the Government Affairs Committee, including communications and meetings with public officials, other associations, AWBD members, and the public. It also assists with implementation of AGISS.  Although it does not hold regular meetings, the subcommittee is prepared to provide coordination and assistance when needed.

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