Committee Chairs have been named for the 2023-2024 year and are already hard at work. If you have ideas that you want to bring to the attention of a particular committee, contact the chairperson named below via our online form. They look forward to hearing from you to make the year another outstanding one for AWBD and its membership.

Government Affairs

This Committee was formed by the Board of Trustees in August 2013 to develop and maintain relationships with elected officials, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding policy issues. The following subcommittees were designated under the umbrella of the Government Affairs Committee: Legislative Planning, Local Government, Regulatory Affairs.

Programs & Education

The Programs & Education Committee develops and maintains effective educational programs for AWBD Membership. The Committee also develops recommendations and monitors activities related to educational issues of importance to the Association.


The Nominating Committee consists of, but not to be limited to, the President, Immediate Past President and a designated member of the Advisory Council. The Immediate Past President shall be the chair of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee must present the list of qualified candidates to the Secretary of the Board no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee was established to develop and monitor the strategic planning process for the Association. Further, this committee defines the scope and development of the Association’s strategic plan ensuring alignment with legislative mandates, industry and economic indicators, and membership interests.


The AWBD Membership Committee monitors all aspects of membership, including recruitment, retention, engagement, and education. The committee brings in new members, teaches them about AWBD and then ensures that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations. The Membership Committee develops new member prospect lists and recruitment opportunities by reaching out to non-member MUDs and special districts as well as to industry consultants and vendors. The Membership Committee is made up of three subcommittees focusing on Outreach and Engagement, Recognition and Awards, and the industry’s Water Smart Program.