AWBD was formed in 1975 in response to the growth of utility districts in Texas. Utility districts have proven to be essential to the economic growth and strength of Texas. Without utility districts and the basic water service they provide, Texas would not have enjoyed successful suburban growth, new communities for families, and the boost to business that sprang up around these new communities outside traditional city limits. Bill Callegari, who serves on our Advisory Council is a founding member of AWBD. 

AWBD’s founders recognized the need for directors of utility districts to have an organization dedicated to their interests, concerns, and issues. The exchange of ideas and experiences combined with informational events would be helpful to all involved. AWBD would see to it. Sharing the information would result in timesaving, cost savings, and efficiency of operations and would be “a good thing” for everyone.

Our mission has not changed so very much from our initial statement.  AWBD is dedicated to the betterment of Texas water district operation and management through education, unification, and advocacy. What has changed is the scope of our organization.

What began in 1975 with a handful of districts primarily in the greater Houston area is now a vibrant statewide organization with more than 900 members.

We come from four regions in Texas: Central Texas, Gulf Coast, North Texas, and West Texas. We represent MUDs, PUDs, LIDs, IDs, WCIDs, FWSDs, and a whole alphabet of other districts created by Texas law. We represent cities, regulatory agencies, and every segment of the consultant firms and vendors that complement the water industry. AWBD can point with pride the diversity of our membership. All segments of the water industry and all geographic areas of the state are welcome in our tent.

AWBD founders Series

AWBD has a rich history full of fantastic people who over the years have made AWBD what it is today. As we continue with our Founders Series, former AWBD trustees Bill Blitch, Doug Jordan, and Dan Sallee discuss challenges and lessons learned during their time with AWBD. We hope you enjoy the new video, our second installment of the series.