Water District Facts

Public Facility Corporations (PFC) & Risk Analysis

Public Facility Corporations (PFC)

A PFC is an entity established by a local government entity, such as a city, county or public housing authority. They are intended as affordable housing tools. 

The Truth About MUD Taxes

MUD tax rates start at the highest rate & decline dramatically over time resulting in declining tax bills to homeowners

Growth Pays for Itself in MUDs

The Texas economy and Texas population are booming. We’ve all witnessed the growth associated with the “Texas Miracle.” Thankfully, Texas continues to build thousands of new homes to accommodate growth.

MUD Residents are Knowledgeable and Informed

Many of the most desirable Master Planned Communities in Texas are in MUDs. MUDs are very transparent to homeowners and are highly regulated by the State.

The Truth About MUD Debt

Texans have always believed that the government closer to the people
is the most representative. Texans have always valued local control and
have viewed centralized government with skepticism.

Utility Districts in the Houston Metropolitan Area

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Houston MSA Utility Districts

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Population History

Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land MSA & Texas Overall

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