Freqently Asked Questions


A water district is a local, governmental entity that provides limited services to its customers and residents.

You can search the TCEQ Water District Database.  Find your water district, then scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Run District Information Report’

This information varies, so please refer to your water bill for information of where to pay the bill.

The Texas Legislature codified the statutory provisions governing most types of districts into Chapter 49, Texas Water Code.  The TCEQ, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has ‘continuing right of supervision’ over water districts in accordance with the Texas Water Code.

There are two ways districts are created: “General Law” Districts, which may be created by the TCEQ or the local county commissioners’ court and “Special Law” Districts, which have been either created by or altered by an act of the Legislature.

  • High Quality Infrastructure
  • Public Ownership of Utilities
  • Tax-Exempt Financing/i.e. Low Interest Rates
  • Reduced Housing Prices
  • Reduces Barriers to Entry in Development Market
  • Local Control
  • Growth Pays for Itself

No, AWBD is a nonprofit association that districts may choose to belong to be a member. AWBD can assist in where to find information. If your water was shut off, you should contact your water district directly.

You can see if your water district is a member by going to our Water Districts Member page.

There are qualifications an individual must meet to run for the board.  To find out all qualifications and get an application, contact the district’s attorney.


If your district/company is currently not a member of AWBD you will need to fill out the membership application and mail it with a check for dues.

The District/Company is the member.  All individuals that are associated with the member district/company are called “member representatives”.

You can find that information here.  Look for Nominating Info Packet.  Also, there is a Nominating Committee Workshop at every AWBD Mid Winter Conference, where they discuss the qualifications and your questions.

Only one member representative is designated to cast the official ballot for an Association member.  Members (the district/company) must be in good standing with AWBD and may vote for no more than three At Large Trustee candidates and for only one candidate for their respective Regional Trustee position.  Ballots are cast at our AWBD Annual Conference.

You may contact the AWBD office at 281.350-7090

Currently, the Association Board of Trustees meets the second Wednesday of each month. If you would like to attend the meetings, please call the Association office, 281.350-7090, in advance to confirm the meeting schedule.

Currently, the Association Board of Trustees meets the second Wednesday of each month. If you would like to attend the meetings, please call the Association office, 281.350-7090, in advance to confirm the meeting schedule.

Registration / Member Site

On the sign in page, click Forgot ‘my username’.  Enter your email address and click ‘Submit’.  An email will be sent with your username.  (Usernames are a number which is your member number in our database)
If you don’t remember the default password, click Forgot ‘my password’ and enter your username and click ‘Submit’. An email will be sent for you to reset your password. Passwords need to be at least 6 characters and include letters and numbers.
Contact the office and we will unlock your account.
First, login into the member site. Click ‘EVENTS’. The list that displays is ‘Register for Upcoming Events’. This list is all the upcoming events you are currently not registered for. Select the event by click the title of the event. Next, click ‘Register Myself’. Scroll down and ‘Add’ any functions, if listed, that you want to attend. (Some events do not have additional functions). Then click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. On the cart page, you must check the box agreeing to the AWBD Event Hold Harmless Agreement. Once checked, the ‘Submit Order’ button will illuminate. Click it. Your meeting confirmation should then display on your screen as well as you should receive an immediate emailed confirmation.
No. Once you register, we will send an invoice for payment to your district/company.

There are two common issues:

1:  when you click the event and it says “Cancel My Registration”, you need to scroll down and click “Proceed to Checkout”

2:  make sure you check the checkbox next to the “AWBD Event Hold Harmless Agreement” then click “Submit Order”

Go to your email. You should have received two emails, one is your ‘AWBD Meeting Confirmation’, the second is called ‘Hotel Reservation Link’. If you use the AWBD Meeting Confirmation you need to open the email, then open the pdf, which is your actual meeting confirmation, look in the middle of the page and you will see the link. If you use the Hotel reservation link email, you need to open the email and click ‘Reserve Hotel’
The order number displays on the order confirmation on your screen and in the pdf confirmation that is emailed to you.

First, login into member site.  Click ‘EVENTS’, then click ‘My Registered Events’ then click the corresponding ‘EVENT CODE’.  Scroll down and see what is listed under your ‘Program’.  Each function you added will show ‘In Itinerary’, if it doesn’t, that means you didn’t sign up for it.  If you are bringing a guest, the badge you added will show at the bottom.

Contact the office at 281-350-7090 if you need to update your registration.

Always double check your meeting confirmation you receive in your email from  Open the pdf and the it will list the functions you registered for, i.e. Luncheon.  If you do not see Luncheon on your pdf confirmation, you will need to contact the office directly, 281.350-7090, to have us add it to your registration.  If you are still unsure, contact the office prior to the conference, and we can double check your registration for you as well.

Yes, check your email for your AWBD Meeting Confirmation.  Open the pdf.

First, login into the member site. Click ‘AWBD DOCUMENTS’.

Yes-only AWBD members. All members can access all past journals under ‘Member Login’ under ‘AWBD Docs’ and find ‘Journals’. 

You can check the member site, and look under “MY ACCOUNT” and check your address. If it is incorrect, please contact the office, 281.350-7090, and we will update that for you.