Strategic Planning

Committee Chair

Ellen Hughes

The Strategic Planning Committee was established to develop and monitor the strategic planning process for the Association. This committee defines the scope and development of the Association’s strategic plan ensuring alignment with legislative mandates, industry and economic indicators, and membership interests.

Committee Chairs have been named for the 2021-2022 year and are already hard at work. If you have ideas that you want to bring to the attention of a particular committee, contact the chairperson named above via our online form. They look forward to hearing from you to make the year another outstanding one for AWBD and its membership.

Strategic Planning Subcommittees

Bylaws & Policy

Subcommittee Chair

Dwayne Mason

The mission of the Bylaws & Policy subcommittee is to support the development of AWBD’s governing documents, rules, policies, and procedures. The purpose is to recommend proposed amendments to the AWBD Bylaws to the Board, and examine the Bylaws and revisions thereof to see that they are consistent and not in conflict with AWBD objectives.

Office Relations

Subcommittee Chair

Linda Backlund

The Office Relations Committee is a committee that interfaces with the
Executive Director (Director) and Board of Trustees (Board) regarding and setting goals for expectations by the Board. In addition, the Committee would utilize resources for establishing a fair and competitive compensation package while working with Director on employee and office matters.


Subcommittee Chair

Rebecca Marcucci

The mission of the Communication Committee is to guide AWBD’s internal and non-media related communications to ensure that all means of such communication; whether electronic materials published, or seminars held under the auspices of the AWBD, supports and enhances our membership and conforms to the AWBD’s guiding mission and principles.

Finance & Budget

Subcommittee Chair

Dwayne Mason

The Finance and Budgeting Committee oversees the organization’s spending and resource allocation. This committee ensures that AWBD is maintaining fiscal responsibility and administering guidelines for the budgeting process.

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