Harris County Fills Key Roles

On January 25, Harris County Commissioners Court appointed Tina Petersen, Ph.D., and Milton Rahman, Ph.D., as Director of the Harris County Flood Control District and Harris County Engineer, respectively.

“The roles of flood control district director and county engineer are integral to Harris County’s regional leadership in developing drainage and transportation infrastructure, including the implementation of the 2018 Flood Bond as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of investments in flood mitigation projects along the county’s waterways and roadways,” said a press release from the Harris County Office of Administration.

Petersen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and her Master’s and doctoral degrees in Environmental Engineering. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas and has over 15 years of experience working with local city governments as well as water authorities, cities, and State agencies across Texas to deliver complex water supply and water quality projects.  Dr. Petersen joined the Subsidence District in 2019 and oversees the Subsidence District’s Regulatory Planning, Scientific Research, and Water Conservation Programs.

Rahman previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Engineering for Harris County Precinct 2, after serving as Director  of  Public  Works  for the  City  of  Stafford  in  July  2016.  Milton  is  also  a  Certified  Floodplain  Manager  (CFM)  and  previously served  as  the  designated  Floodplain  Administrator  of  City  of  San  Antonio.  Milton managed several  high  profile  drainage  projects  for  the  City  of  San  Antonio  Stormwater Engineering  team.  Milton  also  worked  as  a  ‘Lecturer’  at  University  of  Texas  San  Antonio where  he  taught  Water  Resources  Engineering.  Milton has a  Ph.D.  in  Environmental  Science  and Engineering,  a  Masters  in  Civil  Engineering  from  University  of  Texas  San  Antonio,  and  a Bachelor  of  Science  in  Water  Resources  Engineering.

“I have worked with Tina Petersen and Milton Rahman.  Both are highly-educated, thoughtful, and practical public servants.  Harris County was well served by their predecessors, and I think that Tina and Milton will also serve Harris County well.  I hope everyone welcomes them to their new, critical positions.” said Auggie Campbell, AWBD Executive Director.