Welcome to our DEMARKABLE webpage where you can learn more about the exciting sights and sounds experienced by AWBD staff and Trustees during their Spring trip to Denmark. 

Feel free to download a PDF copy of our booklet or view our photo gallery video. Lastly, spend time visiting the various reference links in our “How To” section below to learn more about new water industry programs and technology. 


The scorecard is a summary of the sites the AWBD delegation visited along with the impressions, advantages, and considerations for each site provided by David Corbin.

How to access innovative energy programs:

Unlocking the Potential of Wastewater: Using wastewater as a resource while protecting people and ecosystems 

From Sustainable Biomass to Competitive Bioenergy: Insights into Danish bioenergy solutions

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC):  HARC manages a U.S. Department of Energy program that can provide technical and other assistance to water utilities seeking innovative energy solutions, like biogas. Contact Gavin Dillingham, Ph.D. at for more information.   

How to access innovative conservation and leak reduction programs:

Reducing Urban Water Loss:  


Danish Leakman Project 

Texas Water Foundation: Texas Water Resource Hub 

How to learn more about data-without-SCADA technology:

Water for Smart, Livable Cities:  

Grundfos Energy-Efficient, Data-Driven Technologies

How to learn more about other Danish innovations and Studies:

Three Ways Texas Can Recover Resources from Wastewater

How to improve water education:

Water Education is a challenge that some AWBD members have taken very seriously.  Many of the Regional Water Authorities and AWBD’s WaterSmart partners make sustained efforts to provide quality water education. 

Klimatorium:  One of the most inspiring efforts AWBD saw was from the smallest town we visited: Lemvig. Lemvig created the Klimatorium to bring attention to global attention to water and sustainability education.  

Harris Galveston Subsidence District

West Harris County Regional Water Authority

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